June 8-12, 2020, Pall Mall Tennessee

New larger sanctuary added to existing building.

The Statistics

  • Largest number of volunteers on site- 45 on Tuesday.
  • Number of churchs represented- 5 (that we know for sure)
  • Number of states represented- 8 (AL,TN, IN, KY, GA,, MT, TX, LA)
  • Number of denominations represented- 3
  • Number of days worked- 4.5

Cherokee Baptist Association Carpenters for Christ mission took volunteers from eight states to Pall Mall, Tennessee and Rotten Fork Community Chapel. A new sanctuary measuring 40ft by 80ft added to the exishing church building was the mission. It was desired that the building be completed including wiring and sheet rock. Carpenters for Christ completed the building on Friday June 12 at noon. God provided the workers, the materials, and beautiful weather for the work to be accomplished. Rotten Fork Community Chapel, so named for a fork tributary to a major river, is located near Pall Mall, Tennessee the birth place and burial place of WWI hero Sergeant Alvin York. Work began at 8 AM on Monday June the 8th with exterior walls, trusses, and roof decking compete by Monday afternoon. Tuesday saw the metal roofing installed and vinyl siding begun. Wednesday saw continued work on the siding and the building of the front portico. Siding was completed on all four sides by noon on Friday and the front door installed. Thursday interrior sheet rock was begun together with a small stage built and the connection to the existing building completed. The Carpenters for Christ stayed at Rectors Flatt Baptist Church near Albany Kentucky and had meals and devotions at this facility which they built in 2003. A "thank you" is extended to the kitchen crew who provided excellent meals and to Rectors Flatt Baptist Church for once again extending their facility for our use while doing God's work in their area.