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Future Missions April 1, 2020 Update.

News- Update April 1, 2020 Sprint Mission "IS OFF" The Spring Mission at the Rotten Fork Community Chapel, 1665 Rotten Fork Road, Pall Mall, Tennessee 38577. Construction is a 40 x 40 frame building on a concrete slab with metal roof, white vinyl siding with only a couple of windows and doors. At present the project has not been rescheduled and we and they are in a "holding pattern" given the current circumstances in our country with the CORVID19 virus. Any update to future scheduling will be posted on this page as soon as they are available.

News- Cherokee Baptist Carpenters for Christ SUMMER 2020 mission dates will be June 6 thru June 12th. No decision has been made regarding a summer project 2020 this year. Given the circumstances of the pandemic across the country, a wait and see approach had been put in place and any announcement concerning a mission will appear here as soon as it is known. We continue to be in touch with Claude, John, Duane, and Mark. No decision has been made as of April 1,2020

A possible summer project 2020 on St. Simon's Island, Georgia is being considered. John was contacted by a representative of the church and informed that they have a building permit and a plan. No commitment had been made. We have NOT been back in contact with this church since mid-February. Again any new information on this possible project will be posted here as soon as it is known.

News- A possible Fall 2020 project is being considered in North Carolina but no details are available The same information as above applies to this possible project. We have not been back in contact with this church.

Summer 2020 Mission Details

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  • Mission:
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  • Special note: Cost of this year's trip again is $50.00