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Future Missions May 1, 2020 Update.

News- As of May 6, 2020 Our summer 2020 mission has been tentatively set for Pall Mall Tennessee the site of our spring mission which was canceled. Dates for the project have changed to June 8th (Monday) through June 12th. We will be starting to work on Monday rather than Saturday. We will be staying at Rector's Flat Baptist Chruch (Bruce and Debbie's Church) which is about 30 minutes from the job site. As of this date the slab still has not been poured that is why the trip is tentative and contingent upon the church's being ready for us by the first week in June. Any changes or updates will be posted here when we know them. A letter has been mailed out today (May 5, 2020) and you should receive it within the next few days.

News- Pray for God's will and all carpenters as we make decisions about participation in this year's mission given the current situation across the country.

Summer 2020 Mission Details

  • Project location: Rotten Fork Community Chapel, 1665 Rotten Fork Road, Pall Mall, Tennessee 38577.
  • Mission: Construct a 40 X40 frame building on a concrete slab complete with roof, siding, doors and windows and interrior sheet rock if time permits.
  • Logistics: Housing and meals will be provided at Rectors Flatt Baptist Chruch (Bruce and Debbie's church about 30 minutes north in Kentucky).
  • Local Accomodations are available in both Pall Mall Tennessee and Monticello Kentucky. :
  • Special note: Cost of this year's trip again is $50.00